Period Home Renovation Ideas
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Period Home Renovation Ideas 

Period Home Renovation Ideas

Period homes are delicately beautiful. Renovating them needs just the right balance of maintaining the structural integrity of the house, elevating the historic features, and integrating modern touches for aesthetics and comfort. 

Your period home can be renovated so you can achieve just the right mix of functionality, style, and comfort. When done right, your property value can increase significantly. Sounds like a dream right?

With this in mind, following are some period home renovation ideas to add a touch of style and pops of colour to your home.

Industrial Touches

Keep the classic period designs and colour but elevate your home with practical industrial touches with a sense of style. This is a less expensive solution in adding a modern touch to your period home.

Here are some industrial touches you can apply when renovating your home:

  • Steel Framed Doors and Windows – black-framed doors and windows will look great in contrast to your white-painted walls or brick walls.
  • Some exposed metal plumbing pipes or heater are practical and stylishly modern.
  • Copper lighting and fixtures can give your place pops of colour and a modern twist. This is a simple and effective way to modernise your space without changing the classic design and layout.
  • Use modern appliances and fixtures. This is a practical and functional way to keep the classic design while keeping your home updated with modern technology. Period homes do not have to function as a period home.
  • Use practical industrial accessories that are both functional and stylish like stylish metal racks or copper hanging bookcases.

Showcase Classic features

By highlighting one or two features of a classic period home, it gives it an updated look. For example, keeping the beams exposed and highlighted by painting the ceilings white or any light neutral colours.

By updating the paint job, you highlight the beams. This can make the features pop and the house look new but keep the classic feel.

Period Home Renovation Ideas

Classic Design, Modern Colours

If you love the classic look all throughout the house, play with colours to make your house pop. Adding bold or strong colours on small, strategic places can make a big difference to the aesthetics. 

Classic With Modern Touches

Don’t be afraid to mix modern and classic. Pick a single spot where you can add a modern twist. For example:

  • Use metal sheets or corrugated metal for one side of your outside wall. 
  • Use modern doors and windows. 
  • Inject life into your classic home by using a charcoal-stained larch facade.
  • Keep it exciting by using automated, remote-controlled windows and sliding doors.

Make It Functional

Make the space more functional by making your spaces usable. For example:

  • Add more bookshelves to your walls.
  • Put chairs and ottomans on corner nooks so they can be used as reading nooks.
  • Convert your attics into a children’s study or playroom. 
  • Put a study table in a spacious corner.

Use Sleek, Modern Glass Designs

Adding a sleek glass partition or adding an all-glass extension to a very classic home can look great when planned right. Adding a super modern addition can work well with your period home as long as you keep it simple and streamlined. The contrast can be breathtaking.

Period Home Renovation Ideas

Free Up Some Space

Most period homes have curves, birches, wood lining, and many finishes. Free up more space by taking them out and using a more streamlined design. Take out the bulky cabinets and put in more practical storage.

Black & White Bathroom

Keep a modern surprise up your sleeve for your house guests. Imagine your friends coming into your beautiful classic period home and being pleasantly surprised when going into your powder room or bathroom.

A black and white bathroom or a sunny, beach-themed one can be a wonderful contrast to your classic design.

Use Modern Storage to Your Classic Design

Use modern shelving and storage spaces. Add soft accessories that are practical and serve as design elements. For example, you can use rattan or colourful fabric storage accessories or automated drawers.

Use Modern Tiles

A small modern touch like tiles for your splashbacks can change the look and the vibe of the whole space. When dealing with a period home, it is important not to ruin the design integrity of the house. Choose subtle but classy modern additions.

Renovating your home is not an easy job on so many levels. Achieving that dream design is hard work. However, it can be achieved. It is crucial that you seek professional help when renovating your home.

A renovation project can be a money pit if you trust the wrong contractor. And doing it yourself can potentially do more damage than good.

Period Extensions & Designs is a trusted industry leader in period home renovations. You do not want to trust your home to anyone else. We deliver award-winning, premium home renovations across Melbourne.

When it comes to innovation and setting the standards, we are here to help! We are ready to support you from the design stage to completion. We are here for you!

Give us a call today on 03 9882 5255 or message us through our contact form.

old style couch
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What You Should Know About Mixing Modern and Traditional Furniture

A lot of people think renovating a period home comes with the expectation that everything from the colour palette to the furniture must be kept within the era in order to look authentic. But as there are so many modern comforts that we have gotten so used to, it’s hard to say goodbye to them in a period home.

Aside from this, purchasing traditional antique furniture can be extremely expensive, so it’s completely understandable that you’ll want to opt for some modern pieces that are kinder on the pocket. Before you start your furniture shopping spree, we wanted to share with you a few pointers to keep in mind.

Don’t take away from the period home aesthetic

After renovating your period home, using only modern furniture could be a mistake, and will only mean that the hard work, time and money you have put in has gone to waste. If you do want to have some modern comforts, make sure that you include some traditional pieces as well that tie in with your interior design.

Keep an eye on the balance

When mixing modern and traditional furniture, you’ll want to ensure that there is a good balance throughout the house. Rather than some rooms being only modern or only traditional, keep a mix of the two in every room so that your style is consistent.

Visitors should be drawn to traditional rather than modern pieces

Every room has a furniture centrepiece, and it’s a good idea to keep that piece traditional so that people are drawn to it when they first walk into a room and can appreciate the period design.

Choosing the bed for your bedroom should be in line with the appropriate era; e.g. a four-poster bed in a Georgian home, or a cast-iron bed in a Victorian home. Alternatively, you can use smaller modern pieces in your living areas such as coffee or side tables.

old style couch

Look for new furniture with a vintage design

This is a great tip for those that are working to a budget and who find that antique furniture is well beyond their means. There are many furniture designers that make replica antique pieces which look very similar to traditional furniture, but at a better price. Do some research on common furniture from the era of your home and you’ll no doubt be able to track down brand new furniture from an Australian boutique designer.

Choose furniture made from the same materials

Often a great way to get away with mixing modern and traditional furniture is by selecting pieces made from the same wood. Found a beautiful antique oak bed frame? Scout for other oak furniture that can tie in together.

Need a hand with your period home renovation?

Our design and build team at Period Extensions & Designs are experts in what we do and would be delighted to work with you on your renovation. We’ve worked on many exciting projects and understand exactly what needs to be done to turn your period home dreams into a reality. Call us on 03 9882 5255 and we’ll happily meet with you to discuss your visions.

living room with natural light and white walls
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7 Interior Design Tips for Your Period Home

While every period home is going to be different, there are a few rules which apply to all. Our complete guide to blending traditional and modern design will give you the full lowdown. However, in this post, we’re going to look at a few specific ideas. These are tips and tricks you can put to use with your period home design team right away! Let’s take a look at some period home interior design tips which genuinely work.

living room with natural light and white walls

1. Go Open-Plan

One of the best period home interior design tips is to open up your rooms. Period homes are, by design, extremely practical. Our lives are more fluid these days! Work with professionals to blend rooms, so you can welcome open spaces.

2. Paint

There’s no surprise that it is amazing what a fresh coat of paint does to any home. Struggling to pick the right colour scheme? Ask a period home renovator to help put you on a clear path to a stunning design.

3. Lighting

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with lighting is to over-modernise. Period homes fitted with scores of LEDs, for example, don’t always look right. As we explain in our full guide, of course focus on maximising natural light.

4. Use Natural Materials

Regardless of the period your property was built in; natural material can help to add a rustic charm. Natural wood and textiles can help to take your property back to another time.

5. Be Subtle with Colour

We talk about colour subtlety elsewhere. However, it bears noting that you shouldn’t charge into over-painting a period home in bold colours. Lead with subtle, neutral touches, and accentuate with brighter tones if you wish.

6. Think About Regional Differences

If you’re going to be utterly loyal to your period renovation, consider the differences in design from area to area. What may not be typical in Melbourne might be expected in Perth. Always ask an expert for advice!

7. Listen to Others and Engage a Professional

This is more of a general tip than a practical idea. Don’t just listen to your head or even your heart. Do some research, and be willing to listen to what experts have to say. Just because an idea looks good on paper, doesn’t mean it will always work in practice.

Call an expert today for more details on getting started with period home renovation. Call 03 9882 5255 or talk to us online.

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Federation Home Renovation: A Quick Guide

We’ve already taken a look at the various types of Australian period homes. In these short guides, however, we will be looking more closely at how to renovate specific examples of period properties. We’ll take a look at how to bring things up to modern code while retaining as much original charm as possible.

As always, with period home renovations, it is not recommended to undertake projects on your own. A Melbourne builder or period home design expert will be able to help you make the most practical choices within your budget. Federation homes are uniquely Australian, which means you may wish to take extra care when preserving their unique look.  However, as they date back more than 100 years, there’s a good chance there will be a few elements you need to modernise.

Recycle and Renovate

If you’re considering the renovation of a Federation home, the first thing to consider is how to refresh its more stylish touches. These properties are famously proud of their unique touches and charms. That’s because Australian culture and tastes inspire them, and it can be difficult to say goodbye.

Many period extensions and design experts recommend smartly upgrading old fittings and fixtures. To help modern fittings blend in with the old or existing style, why not use recycled materials?  You can install features and touches, which look as if they are from the period, but which have the benefits of modern structural support.

Design New Like Old

Living room with high ceilingWhile many period homes will need to be upgraded for safety reasons, there’s nothing to say you can’t stick with the same aesthetic. In some cases, it’s recommended that you install features and supports which are based on your period look. Similar to using recycled material, as suggested above, a home renovations expert may recommend having new elements designed and fitted from scratch, but with the existing pieces used as templates.

Be Careful with Paint

It’s tempting to want to give a period property a completely new lick of paint. However, with sensitive properties such as Federation homes, you shouldn’t go too left-field. Look at typical colour schemes of the era (the early 20thcentury) and ask an expert to help you find a palette which best suits the existing look, style and structure of your property.

Open Things Up

Federation homes are notoriously smaller in size; at the time, this was done for practical reasons. However, that means modern renovation should focus on opening up space as much as is possible. Furthermore, think carefully about natural light, using mirrors, and installing sliding doors, windows and other units. Open up a back yard or garden as much as possible.

Getting Started

Getting started with a Federation home renovation can be tricky.  You’ll need help from an experienced Melbourne renovations expert to get the best end result.  Call us directly on 03 9882 5255 to get started.

Brown house with porch
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How to Renovate an Edwardian Home

While you may assume that Edwardian properties date back centuries, in Australia, they’ve only been around for one hundred years. The Australian twist on Edwardian style arrived around the same time as Federation homes began appearing. Of the two, many find Edwardian properties to be simpler to look at and to handle, despite the name.

That, however, doesn’t make renovating these properties any easier! It’s crucial to find a Melbourne builder who can blend period homes with modern design, specifically the renovation of an Edwardian home. These projects can take a lot of time and effort. What’s more, one mistake and you could lose centuries of charm without meaning to. Be careful!

Expand at All Costs

While Edwardian homes are seen to be a little more modern than many of the period homes you’ll see dotted around, they are still somewhat cramped for modern tastes. If you are modernising an Edwardian house for a family, you are going to need to maximise as much space as possible.

Don’t be too afraid to go open-plan, however, do make sure you consult the advice of period extensions and design experts before you do.  While there may not be too many ornate flourishes hiding in these properties, you could still risk losing a lot of classic charm and architecture. That, unfortunately, can never be truly restored.

Go for Glass

When you are first learning how to renovate an Edwardian home, you’ll soon discover that you can use the material to your advantage.

Brown house with porchGlass is seen as something of an ultra-modern, luxury commodity. However, it’s actually very affordable and accessible. With the Edwardian look already being relatively modern, at least by most period home standards, you will likely be able to get away with introducing sliding glass panels into gardens and yards. You’ll also be able to install glass walls and doors inside, too. However, it’s important you arrange for an expert to help with this.

Add a Floor

As with Federation homes, many Edwardian properties operate on a ground floor basis. That means you may already be looking at dealing with a bungalow. But for the modern family, two floors, or even three, are considered normal.

Therefore, do ask your builder or renovations expert for advice on putting in a new floor or two to expand the available space. We’ve already talked about space earlier; however, the best way to really introduce more of it into this kind of property is to build a facsimile layer on top.

How Experts Can Help

Edwardian homes may not be the most complicated period properties Australia has to offer. However, that doesn’t mean you should jump into a project headfirst. Take things slowly and ask an expert team on how you can best approach an Edwardian modernisation.

Our team is always ready to help with advice, practical support and more besides. Call us today on 03 9882 5225 to learn more.

Art Deco style building in pastel
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Art Deco Home Renovation: A Quick Guide

Art Deco is a term which is used to describe the symmetrical, angular fashions and designs of the early to the mid-20thcentury, and many of these types of properties can be found in Australia. These homes are straightforward to spot, as they focus mainly on bringing up big shapes, curves and edges while creating a beautiful, practical space within. We go into more detail about these in one of our other guides to some of Australia’s most popular period home designs.

In this guide, however, we will explore a few ways in which you can bring an Art Deco home into the modern age. As always, never undertake a renovation project on your own. Renovating a period home is always a challenge and Art Deco renovation can be particularly tricky, and without the right Melbourne renovation and design expert by your side, you could risk the look and feel of a beautiful property.

Research the Period

Art Deco style building in pastelAs Art Deco property design is so striking and so unique, many property designers will likely advise that you try and leave as much of the original look alone. With wear and tear, however, that’s not always possible. It’s also going to be tricky to find exact matches for specific colours, fittings and fixtures.

Therefore, before you get started is a great time to start reading up on Art Deco in general. Ask an expert in period home renovations to offer you resources. Learn how to renovate an Art Deco home by examining its popular and common colours, and its common materials.

Leave the Façade Alone

That is if you can. We know only too well that some period properties will need TLC as far as the exterior is concerned. However, you may get lucky with an Art Deco property that has a façade which still looks wonderful.

Be very wary about making changes to the outer look of an Art Deco home. Ask an expert to take a look at ways to best preserve your façade without removing any of its original intentions.

Let Light Flow Through

As with other period property styles, natural light can make a massive difference to the feel of a home. It’s excellent for boosting that additional feeling of space while removing the need for clunky light fittings and fixtures which may arise along the way.

The best way to do this is to ask your renovations expert to consider ways to install glass or to remove light blockage, which can promote its ease of flow. Art Deco interior design can be pleasingly simple on the surface, yet it may need a little helping hand as far as light transfer is concerned.

Consult Someone Experienced

If you’re interested in renovating an Art Deco property, it is one of the most complex yet rewarding styles to get started with. Therefore, never be afraid to reach out and ask for help.

Art Deco properties are amazing to look at and are fantastic to live in.  Find out more about we can renovate them to modern standards by calling our team on 03 9882 5255.

row of victorian houses
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How to Renovate a Victorian Home

Victorian homes are spectacular to look at. There’s little wonder why so many people choose to renovate and modernise these properties. However, as with all types of period property, renovation and modernisation take a lot of time and effort. Victorian homes can be some of the trickiest to get right, at least when it comes to balancing the old with the new.

row of victorian houses

That’s why it is recommended that you look for a period renovations expert who can support your vision. It’s never a good idea to take on a period renovation alone. You’ll need an exceptional eye for detail, and there is a lot of handiwork involved. In this guide, we’ll take a quick look at the most effective way to renovate a Victorian home.

Focus on Space

If there’s one thing which runs common to most Victorian renovations, it’s the idea of maximising space. Traditional homes from this era might be ornate and complex, but they were also built to be practical.

A smart move when looking at Victorian renovation options will be to maximise natural light. Open up existing rooms and spaces. Many Victorian properties have stuffy, cramped rooms which benefit from being opened up and redesigned. The key, of course, is to avoid destroying any of the original charm, and that’s where a period design expert will come in.

Keep the Right Amount of Charm

Woman having tea by the windowVictorian homes are best known for being very intricate. There are a lot of specialist touches and flourishes which you’re likely to find in the inner architecture, as well as outside. However, they can also be surprisingly simple.

The key when learning how to renovate a Victorian home is to be ruthless with features that no longer have a place in today’s world. Window features and fittings may look quaint, but they may also be old and decrepit. A period design expert will help you preserve the features that matter, and will encourage you to scrap the ones which don’t.

Don’t Cram in Too Much

Victorian homes, inside and out, are appealing thanks to their simple style and surprising elegance. Many might expect these properties to be full of over-the-top design choices and flourishes. While there are often a few intricate touches, they’re usually pretty sedate.

That being said, you don’t want to go over the top. That means whether you are interested in bringing in fresh colours, furniture or other installations, you might run the risk of cramming your space. That risks you losing sight of the original charm, whether you bring modern or period furnishings into your home.

Start with the Right Plan of Action

Always ask for help and advice from a seasoned professional or period design expert. They will help you to budget appropriately and make the right choices. Have a quick read of our guide to Australian period homes to get started or call us on 03 9882 5255 today if you’d like to know more about the work we do.

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