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Windsor is well known for having houses that have all the right amenities like sufficient space and aesthetic appeal while at the same time being a safe and secure neighbourhood with efficient public transport systems. It is for this reason that many people choose to stay there rather than move away even if their house no longer suits their current lifestyle requirements.

If this sounds like you, then home renovation and extension services might be just what you are looking for. Even if your house is looking a little worse for wear, or you have outgrown it, then extending or renovating can help you achieve the housing quality, space, and design you need. This is where Period Extensions & Designs come into the equation.

At Period Extensions & Designs, we have been helping homeowners for decades in Windsor and all over Melbourne to transform their dreary rundown old houses into the homes of their dreams. We can also do the same for you. This means that there is no need to go through the hassle of relocating to another suburb if we can help you extend and renovate your current home in Windsor.

Why Choose Windsor?

Windsor is a great suburb because of its fast internet connectivity, quality medical facilities, efficient public transport network, and great restaurants for residents who like to regularly go out for a meal. 

Some of the transport services include the trams that operate along Dandenong Road, High, and Chapel Street. It only takes ten minutes from Windsor Station to the CBD using the train.

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Windsor Demographics

Windsor has a population of just over 7,300 made up of almost 35% independent youth, just over 25% maturing and established independence, more than 10% older independence with around 26% being married.

The main occupations of people living in Windsor are nearly 40% professionals, just over 21% sales and administrative workers, around 17% managers, just over 8% community and personal service workers and nearly 8% technicians and trades workers.

Almost 19% of homes in Windsor are fully owned, around 22% are in the process of being purchased by home loan mortgage while the median individual income is almost $900 per week, the median household income is nearly $1,500 per week and the median mortgage repayment is $2,167 per month.

Indepedent Youth


Maturing & Established Independence


Older Indpendence


Windsor Lifestyle

Windsor is famous for Chapel Street which has plenty of affordable bars, cafes, retail shops, cinemas, and restaurants. Some of the most popular bars and restaurants include Hawker Hall, old-timer Borsch, the Woods of Windsor, and the Windsor Castle Hotel. For an inner suburban area, the streets are safe for walking around at any time, and the residents are very friendly. 

Types Of Homes In Windsor

Though Windsor may seem a small suburb, there is some wonderful architecture ranging from federation style houses bordering Prahran to charming workers cottages. These types of houses are perfect for renovating or extending as you can preserve the original features of the house while making it more modern at the same time.

Windsor Median House Prices

The median house price in Windsor is $1,492,000, which makes it much higher than the median house price in Victoria at $739,000.

Professional home improvement in Windsor can add considerable value to your home and eliminate the hassle of searching for a new home in a new area. Please contact Period Extensions & Renovations today and speak with one of our experienced home designers to learn how we can help transform your home into something unimaginable.

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