Brunswick Project

Respecting History, embracing modernity – A Victorian home renovation.

On the long stretch of Brunswick road lies a piece of history. A charming Victorian home that was built for the esteemed quarry master. Over the years its ornate corridor has been home to many families and stories. Period Extensions & Designs embarked on a journey to restore its former glory while infusing it with contemporary comforts.

The homeowners, with fond memories of raising her family within these walls, had ventured interstate for a time, renting out the cherished abode as she pursued endeavours beyond the town’s borders. Yet, the call of nostalgia beckoned her back to the doorstep of her beloved Victorian retreat. With Murray, an environmental lawyer, by her side, they envisioned a harmonious blend of tradition and sustainability.

Under the skilled hands of Period Extensions & Designs, the renovation unfolded as a testament to the homeowners reverence for the past and their commitment to a greener future. Every detail meticulously preserved, from the intricate woodwork to the majestic front door bells that echoed the arrival of guests through generations. The extension, seamlessly integrated alongside the old stables, pays homage to the property’s rich heritage while embracing modern living.

Client collaboration was at the heart of the project, with Period Extensions & Designs crafting a floorplan to meet their needs and negotiating with council to ensure these came to fruition. The homeowners were actively involved in every decision, ensuring their vision aligned with the home’s soul. Their stories interwoven with its history, forging a connection that transcended time.

Craftsmanship of the highest calibre breathed new life into every corner, honouring the legacy of the Victorian era while embracing the possibilities of the present. Quality materials and skilled hands wove a tapestry of elegance and comfort, inviting inhabitants to create their own memories within its hallowed halls.

This Victorian home found not just restoration, but transformation — a timeless masterpiece for generations yet to come.

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