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The guides we post in our interior design section will help you find the right designs, colours and touches to help complement a period home from the inside. We will also look at general interior design trends and looks, too. Struggling to find the right aesthetics or feel for your new home? Click here for inspiration.

old style couch

What You Should Know About Mixing Modern and Traditional Furniture

A lot of people think renovating a period home comes with the expectation that everything from the colour palette to

white bathtub

Designing a Period Bathroom: 5 Classic Features

Modern Australian bathrooms are generally not much to get excited about. Most people stick with simple clutter-free designs with modern

bedroom with wood ceiling

How to Dress a Period Bedroom

Your bedroom is the one place in your house where you can truly relax and feel most comfortable. But while

home interior with white walls

Painting Your Period Home: A Guide to Colour Schemes

Period home colour schemes will always vary. That’s because no two period properties are ever quite the same. However, colour

living room with natural light and white walls

7 Interior Design Tips for Your Period Home

While every period home is going to be different, there are a few rules which apply to all. Our complete


Why You Should Add A Fireplace To Your Home

Even the later designs such as the Californian Bungalow, Hampton’s style and the Minimalist house designs have incorporated the humble fireplace as a feature and focal point of their designs. There are several reasons for this.