Art Deco Home Renovations And Extensions Melbourne

Art Deco Home Extensions

Art deco style home extensions are often designed to be an extension of the existing structure. They usually feature up-to-date architectural styles and emphasise clean lines, symmetry, geometric shapes with a modern touch. 

They commonly include large windows that let in natural light and allow you to enjoy the beautiful warm sunshine during the cooler months of the year. Art deco extensions typically consist of bringing up walls on one side only as well as adding windows to further enhance the connection between indoor/outdoor space.

Art Deco Home Renovations

Art Deco was a style of design that emerged in the mid-1920s with the meaning derived from the term “decorative art”. The art deco movement started as cities looked for ways to revitalise themselves after WWI took lives across Europe. 

However, by WWII, many architects had reverted back to more classical styles while others continued changing cityscapes with their daring designs until they fell out of fashion once again following postmodernism’s rise during the 1970s. The widespread popularity of this architectural trend has led to people wanting to renovate their modern looking homes without sacrificing traditional features such as hardwood floors or staircases.

Design Styles

Art Deco Home Architecture

An Art Deco Home is characterised by geometric shapes, ornamentation with straight lines, symmetry of design elements on exterior facades such as windows or columns and balcony railings often covered in glass mosaics. 

Art Deco Homes also typically have a flat roofline to make them feel more like single story buildings despite being two stories high. This allows for maximum use of the interior space while still providing sweeping views out over surrounding properties – usually well manicured lawns complete with shrubs trimmed into interesting designs.

One of the most popular home styles in history, Art Deco emerged from a mix between functionalism and Cubism that was largely influenced by industrialisation. At its core, this architectural movement embodies modernity with state-of-the art materials such as stainless steel or aluminum while also referencing ancient Egyptian motifs like lotus flowers to capture an exotic feel for homes.

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Art Deco Design

The Art Deco style is known for its combination of classic elements that are often used on clothing or furniture, which contrasts sharply with more “modern” designs like fluid lines or curved edges. The result is an overall sophisticated appearance perfect for anyone looking to make their house into a showpiece.

Art Deco Interior

The Art Deco interior of a house is perfect for those who love the 1920s and 1930s. A spacious living room, walk-in closets in every bedroom, plenty of cabinet space to store your china collection – all these details are just some reasons why this style appeals to so many people, even in this day and age.

Art Deco Ideas

Art Deco houses are one of the best ways to take your home from drab and uninteresting to a showstopping, jaw-dropping architectural feat. Art Deco architecture is easily recognisable by linear or geometric ornamentation with an emphasis on belt lines. 

Horizontal stripes in window design can make it seem as if you’re walking into an art gallery rather than being in someone’s house. The main purpose for this look was originally intended as good luck but today these designs have become more popular because they provide sleekness and sophistication that will transform any room into something worthy of admiration.

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