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Most homes will benefit from a spot of home renovation at some time during their lifetime. Even small changes like modernising a kitchen or bathroom can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of a home. However, if your home is no longer suitable for your purposes either because there is not enough space for your growing family. Or it may have simply become too old and outdated for your liking. Either way, you may need some large scale remodelling that involves knocking down interior walls and adding extensions. 

If you already own a home in East Melbourne and love living there, you may want to consider staying in this beautiful suburb. The location of a suburb and the type of people who live there are two very important factors to consider when buying a home. Homeowners in East Melbourne who have found their ideal location often prefer to renovate rather than move because they are happy and comfortable living there.

Renovation projects do not have to be focused entirely on the interior of the home as a face-lift for the exterior can play an important role in the overall aesthetics of your home. Our team of professionals luxury home designers and builders at Period Extension & Designs can help you create spaces to build life memories as well as add significant value to your property. We can help you achieve the home of your dreams in the location you love.

Why Choose East Melbourne?

East Melbourne is a genteel suburb characterised by stately Victorian mansions, art deco buildings, and the Melbourne Cricket Ground that draws crowds from all over the world to watch cricket and Australian football matches. European-style cafes abound in Spring Street and office workers can be seen enjoying their lunch on the sprawling lawns of Fitzroy Gardens, a stone’s throw away from the wide steps of Parliament House. 

It is surrounded by the suburbs of Fitzroy, Richmond, and Collingwood, and about half the space in the suburb is devoted to parkland and sports grounds. This is a popular suburb for many due to its close proximity to Melbourne’s central business district and its broad, tree-lined streets with several fountains, rotundas, and stately mansions.

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East Melbourne Demographics

The population of East Melbourne is just over 5,000, of which 31% is independent youth, 21% mature and established independence, 13% are older independence with just over 35% of people being married.

The main occupations of people living in East Melbourne are almost 50% professionals, just under 20% sales and administrative workers, nearly 17% managers, around 6% in community and personal service workers and close to 5% technicians and trades workers.

Nearly 24% of homes in East Melbourne are fully owned, 19% are in the process of being purchased by home loan mortgage, while the median individual income is $1,164 per week and the median household income is just under $2,000 per week. The median mortgage repayment in East Melbourne is $2,383 per month.

Independant Youth


Maturing & Established Independence


Older Independence


East Melbourne Lifestyle

East Melbourne is considered to be one of the most liveable suburbs situated on the doorstep of the most liveable city in the world. If you love the idea of getting up in the morning knowing that the traffic report is irrelevant to how you start your day, you will love living in East Melbourne. No crowded trains that don’t arrive on time, no traffic jams, and no road rage. Outside of work you will love having easy access to city shopping, the best foodie streets, major galleries, and great performance venues. 

Perhaps it is what East Melbourne does not have that may be its biggest attraction. There are no schools or universities, no drop-off traffic in car parks, and no high-density student housing. It has only one supermarket, a bottle shop, and two corner stores that eliminate the need for delivery trucks and large customer parking lots. Whatever is lacking in East Melbourne such as a swimming pool, cinema, department stores, banks, fresh food markets, and a bakery can be found close by in the city of Melbourne.

Types Of Homes In East Melbourne

Because East Melbourne was originally planned for wealthy lawyers, doctors, and captains of industry in 1849, it has more ornate homes than other suburbs in the area with smaller working-class cottages. 

Home to some of the city’s oldest houses there are a sizeable number of magnificent Victorian-style terraces and Art Deco apartment buildings in the area. Around 19% of properties consist of semi-detached terrace houses or townhouses and just over 3% are separate, privately owned houses.

East Melbourne Median House Prices

Median property prices for East Melbourne are $3,887,000 for houses with a compound growth rate of 5.3%. With so much going for it and being such a unique suburb, it’s easy to understand why residents of East Melbourne find it hard to move away in search of something a bigger, newer house. However, this doesn’t need to be the case.

Period Extensions & Designs team of expert designers and architects can help provide the best solution for your East Melbourne home. We can show you how a renovation or extension can breathe new life into your home, increase the capital value of the property and create the extra space you need.

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