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Are you thinking about home renovations in Melbourne? We are award-winning renovation builders that serve Melbourne’s most affluent areas, and have the expertise and experience to make your renovations dream a reality.

It doesn’t matter if you want a single room renovated, an extension built or your home is in need of a complete makeover, we have the skill, team and experience to take on your project.

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Our Home Renovations Process

The first step in the home renovations process is discussing your project. We’ll ask you a series of questions so we can learn more about what you want done to your home, and then we’ll inspect your property to make sure the renovation is possible. 

From there, we’ll discuss the details of your renovation. This includes the extent of the work involved and how long it will approximately take to complete it. After that our home renovation builders will get to work.

When it comes to a home renovation in Melbourne, you can turn to us. We believe in keeping our home renovation process as straightforward and transparent as possible. Right from the very start of the process right through to the finish, we keep our clients updated.

Full Home Renovations

We offer a full home renovation service right across Melbourne. We have extensive experience when it comes to renovating single-storey and double-storey homes, as well as bathrooms, kitchens and even outdoor entertainment areas. 

Our home renovation experts can also renovate and refresh various elements of your home including tiles, walls, ceilings, vanities, bathtubs and much more.

Our experienced home renovation team have been able to take on the most difficult and challenging home renovations and achieve a successful outcome, every time.

Room Renovations And Partial Renovations

Another popular house renovations service we provide is room renovations. Some homeowners in Melbourne want single rooms renovated, such as their laundry room or the bathroom. In this case, our builders can replace bathroom tiles, sinks, tubs and other fixtures. Once the project is completed, the bathroom will look brand new and the same goes for any other room we work on.

When it comes to house renovations in Melbourne, residents sometimes only want part of their home renovated such as their home office, kitchen and living areas because those tend to be the rooms they use the most. Whether it’s a partial home renovation you want or you just want a room renovated, we can help bring your ideas to life.

Contact Us Today

When it comes to house renovations in Melbourne homeowners should contact us. Our builders have the experience required to take on any renovation project, regardless of how small or big. Not only that, but we pay attention to even the smallest details and we ensure each and every job is done with quality in mind.

Also, we understand that renovating a house is a major project and homeowners want to be kept in the loop. This is why we assure you that you’ll be kept updated throughout the entire renovation process. It doesn’t matter if you’re on holiday, at work or you’re just busy in general, we will keep you updated on your renovation.

If you want to know how much house renovations cost, then give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to discuss the details of your project and then we’ll give you a quote. As a leading home renovation company that serves Melbourne, we are confident you will be pleased with our work.

Renovations in Melbourne FAQs

There are a lot of questions people have about house renovations in Melbourne. Before you contact us, you might want answers to certain questions. The top frequently asked questions homeowners typically have are:

How Much Do House Renovations Cost In Melbourne?

How much renovations cost in Melbourne varies from project to project. This is because there are many factors that come into play. The top factors include: 

  • Materials Used – The materials that we use for a project affects the price. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the quality of the materials, the more the house renovation will cost. Not only that, but the amount of materials used will also influence the price. It is important to note that using high quality materials saves you money in the long-run and provides better value. 
  • Type Of Renovation – The type of renovation will also determine how much a house renovation will cost. Full home renovations are more expensive than partial renovations while single room renovations tend to be the most affordable option and can still add a breath of fresh air to any home. 
  • The Builders – The builders a homeowner decides to use plays a major role in how much they’ll pay for a renovation as different builders charge different rates. As a leader in the industry, we keep everything transparent, so you’ll have a good idea of how much your renovations will cost you in total before you start your project. 

The good news is our rates are competitive. We firmly believe we offer some of the most affordable home renovation services in Melbourne. Remember, we also offer free no-obligation estimates.

How Much Is The Average House Renovation?

Generally speaking, the average house renovation cost in Melbourne is around $25,000 – $35,000. However, across Australia around half of renovations are valued anywhere from around $40K all the way to $250K or more. As previously mentioned, there are a lot of different things that affect the price, but you can expect to spend at least $25,000.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Renovate Your Home?

We want to point out there are several ways you can renovate your home, without having to spend a lot of money. In fact, our team has worked with clients with various budget sizes. With that said, a few of the cheapest ways to renovate your home are: 

  • Kitchen Renovation – Many homeowners in Melbourne spend a considerable amount of time in their kitchens. They use kitchens to prepare meals several times a day, and it is often where they eat. Performing a  kitchen renovation is probably more affordable than you think because lots of jobs can be done at a reasonable price, such as replacing kitchen tiles, cabinets and benchtops to name a few.
  • Bathroom – Redoing your entire bathroom is an affordable way to renovate a house. Our builders can install a new bathtub, remove outdated tiles and replace sinks and other fixtures. Although our rates are extremely competitive, your bathroom will look like it has undergone an expensive renovation once we are done with it. 
  • Storage Solutions – Another way to do an inexpensive renovation is to have storage solutions installed throughout your home. This includes building new shelves, wardrobes and things of that nature. You might be surprised at where we can create storage space. 
  • Paint Job – Melbourne homeowners that are looking for a cheap way to renovate their house can choose to have a full paint job. Our team of professionals can repaint the entire interior of your home, as well as the exterior. You will love how much different your home looks when it has received a fresh new paint job.
Is It Cheaper To Renovate Up Or Out?

There is no single answer for this question because there are a number of factors at play. Generally speaking, it tends to be more affordable to build out than to build up. This is because when people build up, it requires upgrades to the structure. This includes altering the roof, creating a staircase and so on.

Are Renovations Worth The Money?

Yes, they are worth the money because renovations result in a more comfortable home. Plus, you can bring your creative ideas to life, and you’ll have the space you desire once the renovation is completed. Let’s not forget to mention that renovations improve the appearance of your home and once your house has been renovated, your quality of life will improve. 

Finally, home renovations can increase the value of your property. If you want to sell your home, then you’ll be able to get more for it after it has been renovated. This is the case even if you only renovate a few rooms. You might be surprised at how much more your home will be worth after a renovation. 

Those are the most affordable ways to renovate your home. If you want to renovate your entire home, then you can do it over a period of time. This will mean you will not have to spend a large amount of money in such a short amount of time.

If you have a question that wasn’t answered, then please give us a call on 03 9882 5255 or leave an enquiry. We’ll answer any questions you have, as well as discuss details about your project. When you hire us for the job, then we can begin the house renovation process.

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