Bringing modern day living and period home design together isn’t always easy.

The main appeal of a period property lies in its age and its character, it is all about balance. If you’re not careful, modernising a home too much could lose some of that historic appeal. Renovating period properties can be exciting, but you need to be very careful with how much of the modern world you bring into your new home. For example, knowing how to mix modern and traditional furniture in a property is critical.

Why Modernise Period Property?

It’s extremely popular for people to look for period home interior design tips. Current trends show that blending modern with old has never been more popular. But why is this?

Modernising period property is all about retaining character while making it comfortable and practical for the current age. Go too far modern, and you risk losing some stunning, historical set pieces.

In this guide, we will look at some of the most effective ways to bring modern design into period homes. We’ll also look at easy ways for you to modify period property without losing any of its charm.

You’re going to need to balance function and style.

Considering Colour and Paint

When looking at interior design, you should always think about colours first, and fittings later. You may have your favourite colour schemes. You may even feel that specific colours go better with certain styles. However, there are some things you should consider before you start choosing a period home colour scheme.

Think about using neutral or muted colours. The striking interior design of a period property won’t need big, brash blends as far as the paint you put on your walls. It can’t hurt to think about bringing in striking colours for furnishings and carpets, especially darker shades and tones. However, what you want to avoid is bringing in a colour scheme which is far too brash, and far too distracting.

The balance you need to achieve when picking the right colour scheme for a period home is making sure you don’t distract from the existing character. Take a look at some examples of before and after shots online, or consult a period design expert.

Maximising Natural Light

Natural light is always a commodity you’re going to want to use. That goes for period homes and modern properties. However, with contemporary properties, you would typically maximise light by making use of glass partitions, large windows and even skylights. In a period property, these standards are going to look very out of place.

Choosing Furniture

Choosing the right furniture is going to be a crucial step in the renovation of your property. Knowing how to mix modern and traditional furniture together well can take practice and a keen eye. However, plenty of people manage it perfectly well.

The Courtyard Garden Approach

Many period home renovations make use of small, courtyard garden spaces to help complement their interior spaces. Courtyard gardens can be enjoyed from inside your home, which means when cultivated well, they can blend in with your interior design choices.

Considering Bathrooms

Bathroom spaces can often be some of the trickiest to modernise successfully. We all need modern bathroom fittings. However, there are a few period bathroom features you can bring in to strike a clearer balance.

When it comes to upgrading a period bathroom, modern comforts are key. However, that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice styling it in the fashion of the property.


From period home colour schemes to learning how to mix modern and traditional furniture, striking the right balance takes time and patience.

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