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Art Deco is a term which is used to describe the symmetrical, angular fashions and designs of the early to the mid-20thcentury, and many of these types of properties can be found in Australia. These homes are straightforward to spot, as they focus mainly on bringing up big shapes, curves and edges while creating a beautiful, practical space within. We go into more detail about these in one of our other guides to some of Australia’s most popular period home designs.

In this guide, however, we will explore a few ways in which you can bring an Art Deco home into the modern age. As always, never undertake a renovation project on your own. Renovating a period home is always a challenge and Art Deco renovation can be particularly tricky, and without the right Melbourne renovation and design expert by your side, you could risk the look and feel of a beautiful property.

Research the Period

Art Deco style building in pastelAs Art Deco property design is so striking and so unique, many property designers will likely advise that you try and leave as much of the original look alone. With wear and tear, however, that’s not always possible. It’s also going to be tricky to find exact matches for specific colours, fittings and fixtures.

Therefore, before you get started is a great time to start reading up on Art Deco in general. Ask an expert in period home renovations to offer you resources. Learn how to renovate an Art Deco home by examining its popular and common colours, and its common materials.

Leave the Façade Alone

That is if you can. We know only too well that some period properties will need TLC as far as the exterior is concerned. However, you may get lucky with an Art Deco property that has a façade which still looks wonderful.

Be very wary about making changes to the outer look of an Art Deco home. Ask an expert to take a look at ways to best preserve your façade without removing any of its original intentions.

Let Light Flow Through

As with other period property styles, natural light can make a massive difference to the feel of a home. It’s excellent for boosting that additional feeling of space while removing the need for clunky light fittings and fixtures which may arise along the way.

The best way to do this is to ask your renovations expert to consider ways to install glass or to remove light blockage, which can promote its ease of flow. Art Deco interior design can be pleasingly simple on the surface, yet it may need a little helping hand as far as light transfer is concerned.

Consult Someone Experienced

If you’re interested in renovating an Art Deco property, it is one of the most complex yet rewarding styles to get started with. Therefore, never be afraid to reach out and ask for help.

Art Deco properties are amazing to look at and are fantastic to live in.  Find out more about we can renovate them to modern standards by calling our team on 03 9882 5255.

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