Double Storey Extensions Melbourne

Limited floor space? Small lot? No worries, go vertical!

When you lack the land area to increase the floor space for your house, moving is not your only option. Look up! A double-storey house extension is a practical option. At Period Extensions & Designs, we specialise in double-storey extensions in Melbourne.

The house that was once perfect for your family may now be congested. It is time for a change. Therefore, what makes building upwards better than extending outwards? What makes a double-storey extension such a good idea?

More Space

The reason you build double-storey extensions is for additional space. This will give your family more space to move around. It will also future-proof your residence in case the family grows or the need for more space comes up.

It Adds Value To Your Property

To maximise your additional floor space, you will need an expert design and build team who understand the importance of the build.

Period Extensions & Designs have been building and designing ground floor extensions and second storey additions for almost 30 years now. We have been part of Melbourne’s landscape, improving property values for decades.

You Do Not Have To Move

Selling your home and moving is not always the only option when it comes to problems with space. Looking for a new home can be expensive not to mention the inconvenience. Adjusting to a new environment and community is challenging.

When you outgrow your living space, building up is a great option and it gives you a chance to completely change the floor plan, layout, and living space of your home – creating your dream home.

Better View

An elevated space can give you a better view of your area. If you live near the beach, imagine the breath-taking ocean views you will have. If you live in an elevated area, you can get mountain or city views. Imagine the city lights and the stars at night. Natural views are free but the value it gives you is priceless.

Having better views also increases the value of your property. In fact, beautiful views can increase your property value anywhere from 15% to 80%. This means the return for your home renovations, in this case, is worth the extension costs. You are not just adding more square metres to your home, you are also increasing the market value. We call that a win-win!

You Keep Your Outdoor Space

You don’t have to sacrifice your backyard space for more wiggle room inside. When you build a second storey, you get to keep your front lawn, garden area, backyard space, and even your BBQ area. This way, you have more space for the entire family and still keep the fun areas for your kids and pets to run around.

Period Extensions and Designs will not just help you build your home extension, we can also help you improve and design your outdoor space so your family can have more fun outside.

Design Flexibility

Adding the second floor can totally change the facade, interior layout, and overall design of the house. This is a chance for you to design it the way you want. You can customise each room and update the paint colours.

Because you are taking some of the practical rooms upstairs, you do not just get an extension, you also get a chance to redo the overall look of your home inside and out.

Home renovations

Home renovations are great but you really need to make sure you stick to your budget. When you decide to invest more money into your home, make sure you get your money’s worth. Trust only reliable and experienced professional designers and builders to do the job.

Period Extensions & Designs deliver award-winning extensions that are built to last. We listen to your needs, your design goals, and we deliver it with precision. Your dream extension is just a phone call away.

Please call us now for a free consultation and quotation on 03 9882 5255. At Period Extensions & Designs, we listen, we design, we build, we support. Let’s work together to achieve your dream space!

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