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We’ve already taken a look at the various types of Australian period homes. In these short guides, however, we will be looking more closely at how to renovate specific examples of period properties. We’ll take a look at how to bring things up to modern code while retaining as much original charm as possible.

As always, with period home renovations, it is not recommended to undertake projects on your own. A Melbourne builder or period home design expert will be able to help you make the most practical choices within your budget. Federation homes are uniquely Australian, which means you may wish to take extra care when preserving their unique look.  However, as they date back more than 100 years, there’s a good chance there will be a few elements you need to modernise.

Recycle and Renovate

If you’re considering the renovation of a Federation home, the first thing to consider is how to refresh its more stylish touches. These properties are famously proud of their unique touches and charms. That’s because Australian culture and tastes inspire them, and it can be difficult to say goodbye.

Many period extensions and design experts recommend smartly upgrading old fittings and fixtures. To help modern fittings blend in with the old or existing style, why not use recycled materials?  You can install features and touches, which look as if they are from the period, but which have the benefits of modern structural support.

Design New Like Old

Living room with high ceilingWhile many period homes will need to be upgraded for safety reasons, there’s nothing to say you can’t stick with the same aesthetic. In some cases, it’s recommended that you install features and supports which are based on your period look. Similar to using recycled material, as suggested above, a home renovations expert may recommend having new elements designed and fitted from scratch, but with the existing pieces used as templates.

Be Careful with Paint

It’s tempting to want to give a period property a completely new lick of paint. However, with sensitive properties such as Federation homes, you shouldn’t go too left-field. Look at typical colour schemes of the era (the early 20thcentury) and ask an expert to help you find a palette which best suits the existing look, style and structure of your property.

Open Things Up

Federation homes are notoriously smaller in size; at the time, this was done for practical reasons. However, that means modern renovation should focus on opening up space as much as is possible. Furthermore, think carefully about natural light, using mirrors, and installing sliding doors, windows and other units. Open up a back yard or garden as much as possible.

Getting Started

Getting started with a Federation home renovation can be tricky.  You’ll need help from an experienced Melbourne renovations expert to get the best end result.  Call us directly on 03 9882 5255 to get started.

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