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A lot of people think renovating a period home comes with the expectation that everything from the colour palette to the furniture must be kept within the era in order to look authentic. But as there are so many modern comforts that we have gotten so used to, it’s hard to say goodbye to them in a period home.

Aside from this, purchasing traditional antique furniture can be extremely expensive, so it’s completely understandable that you’ll want to opt for some modern pieces that are kinder on the pocket. Before you start your furniture shopping spree, we wanted to share with you a few pointers to keep in mind.

Don’t take away from the period home aesthetic

After renovating your period home, using only modern furniture could be a mistake, and will only mean that the hard work, time and money you have put in has gone to waste. If you do want to have some modern comforts, make sure that you include some traditional pieces as well that tie in with your interior design.

Keep an eye on the balance

When mixing modern and traditional furniture, you’ll want to ensure that there is a good balance throughout the house. Rather than some rooms being only modern or only traditional, keep a mix of the two in every room so that your style is consistent.

Visitors should be drawn to traditional rather than modern pieces

Every room has a furniture centrepiece, and it’s a good idea to keep that piece traditional so that people are drawn to it when they first walk into a room and can appreciate the period design.

Choosing the bed for your bedroom should be in line with the appropriate era; e.g. a four-poster bed in a Georgian home, or a cast-iron bed in a Victorian home. Alternatively, you can use smaller modern pieces in your living areas such as coffee or side tables.

old style couch

Look for new furniture with a vintage design

This is a great tip for those that are working to a budget and who find that antique furniture is well beyond their means. There are many furniture designers that make replica antique pieces which look very similar to traditional furniture, but at a better price. Do some research on common furniture from the era of your home and you’ll no doubt be able to track down brand new furniture from an Australian boutique designer.

Choose furniture made from the same materials

Often a great way to get away with mixing modern and traditional furniture is by selecting pieces made from the same wood. Found a beautiful antique oak bed frame? Scout for other oak furniture that can tie in together.

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