French Provincial Renovations And Extensions Melbourne

French Provincial Home Renovations

A French Provincial house is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing respite from city life. The traditional architecture has large, often-square windows and beautiful stone or brick walls with rich timber accents that create an air of warmth. Before you start your renovation, it’s important to get some ideas for how best these features can be showcased in each room of your home so as not to let them go unnoticed when they’re done.

French Provincial Extensions

The French Provincial style has been a popular home extension design for many years. It’s timeless and classic look is perfect as an addition to any house, but most importantly it can help make your existing space more livable and functional without sacrificing the charm of the original structure. With open floor plans being all the rage right now, there are plenty of options available when designing this type of project that will allow you to maximize on your square footage while still maintaining enough separation from other spaces in order to feel comfortable living with extended family or having friends over who may bring along their children too

Design Styles

French Provincial Architecture

The French Provincial style of architecture is a fresh take on old world charm. The design draws inspiration from the 17th century in France during a time when nobles built large estates around Paris that were called chateaus.

This type of design typically features stone and other masonry along with symmetric facades, vernacular rooflines, white shingles or stucco-covered exterior walls that offer an airy feeling to the home’s interior space.

Rooms are typically squared off on one side to allow more windows for natural light, which creates a bright atmosphere with an old-world charm like no other place you’ve seen before. All of this stunning beauty is usually complemented with hardwood floors.

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French Provincial Home Design

This design is the perfect choice for a family looking to settle down in an area that has plenty of space. This type of home can range from large open spaces, or smaller cozy living rooms with closed off bedrooms. The French Provincial home design style creates homes which are great for families who enjoy crafting memories together and have enough room on their property to do so.

French Provincial Home Interiors

Provincial designs are famous for their simplicity and freshness. They often feature clean lines, with simple furnishings that can be arranged in a variety of ways to create different looks without the need to purchase new pieces or make changes. This style is perfect for someone who enjoys being able to easily change furniture arrangements as well as those seeking a minimalist look at home.

French Provincial Home Ideas

The French Provincial style of home is characterised by its use of detailed chiseling, the majority of which is on exterior features like windows and doors. The interior may have wooden floors or tiles, exposed beams with plaster ceilings or brick walls in some cases. Natural colours are utilised such as whitewash for outside paintwork and greenish-gray hues when it comes to interior schemes. A fireplace will be found in most homes from this era and a large kitchen table might also be part of many residences’ decor scheme too.

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