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It makes sense that lives change along with people’s needs. Whether this includes a growing family, the desire to add more features, or another room, homeowners often reach a stage where their home is no longer matching what they need or want. 

If you decided that you need more space or you want to make a few changes to your living environment, it is a much better idea to stay where you are and renovate or extend rather than selling up and moving to another suburb. This is where Period Extensions & Designs are here to help.

We have extensive experience when it comes to helping the residents of Northcote to maximise their living space with cleverly designed extensions and renovations that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also add capital value to the property.

Why Choose Northcote?

High on the hill, to the northeast of the city, you will find Northcote, an eccentric neighbourhood known for its laidback venues and cafes on High Street. Over the past few years, Northcote has blossomed into a multicultural, spirited, inner-city area that still gives you enough space to live a more relaxed lifestyle.

High Street is known for its plethora of cafes to choose from along with interesting band rooms, Westgarth Cinema, bike lanes, and boutiques. Residentially, you will find free-form, old-school gardens alongside new apartments and intricately renovated homes. 

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Northcote Demographics

The population in Northcote is just over 23,000 of which 19% is independent youth, 17% maturing and established independence, 16% established couples and families with around 37% of residents being married.

The main occupations of people living in Northcote are 42% professionals, just under 20% sales and administrative workers, 13.8% managers, almost 9% community and personal service workers, along with just over 8% technicians and trades workers.

Just over 31% of homes in Northcote are fully owned, 29.8% are in the process of being purchased by home loan mortgage, while the median individual income is $740 per week and the median household income is $1,600 per week. The median mortgage repayment in Northcote is just over $2,000 per month.

Maturing & Established Independence


Independent Youth


Established Couples & Families


Northcote Lifestyle

Life in multicultural and diverse Northcote revolves around High Street where there are many varied and fabulous restaurants, cafes, venues, supermarkets, and boutiques. Northcote is also known for its robust sense of community and the suburb is host to neighbourhood arts events and festivals that take place at different times of the year. 

Biking is also extremely popular in Northcote along with an excellent public transport system with easy to access train stations, buses, and trams. There are also attractive parks and a range of great schools to choose from. 

Types Of Homes In Northcote

The streets of Northcote include a charming mixture of old and new. Spectacular Art Deco homes, Victorian mansions, and especially, Edwardian homes that have undergone immaculate renovations to retain an authentic, warm and inviting style. 

The increasing popularity of this suburb encouraged the increase of modern apartment complexes in this area, while apartments and houses located on Ruckers Hill provide exceptional views across the city. 

Northcote Median House Prices

The median house price in Northcote is around $1,594,500. According to the last 5 years of sales in this neighbourhood, Northcote has experienced a growth rate of 7.9%. People who prefer community living love Northcote which is why it makes much more sense to renovate or extend your home rather than sell up and move elsewhere.

If you want to explore some creative options for breathing new life into your Northcote home, then please speak to one of our expert designers or architects at Period Extensions & Designs to unlock the potential of your property. You might be surprised by what is possible!

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