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Period Home Renovations

A period style home renovation is a timeless investment and the perfect way to make your house feel brand new. You can update dated aesthetics, add architectural details that weren’t there before, or just freshen up an old space with updated paint colors for less than it would cost you to rebuild from scratch.

Additionally, you can freshen up your Period Home by incorporating antique décor elements – from tapestries on walls or rugs over hardwood floors all spilling out onto living spaces and even dining rooms. This helps create an atmosphere rich with history while remaining current and at the same time giving it a personal touch.

Period Home Extensions

Period home extensions are a great way to add space for your family. Period style homes were built before the era of refrigerators, microwaves and dishwashers; so their kitchens lacked countertop and cabinet storage in order to conserve electricity. 

A period home extension is an ideal solution that can include modern amenities such as additional bathrooms or kitchen counters with cabinets while still maintaining the character of period houses by using materials like brick salvaged from demolished buildings, reclaimed wood flooring and even high-quality windows made out of old glass bottles.

Design Styles

Period Home Architecture

Based on Gothic revival architecture, Period Homes in Australia were heavily influenced by British and to some degree, American architecture and house styles. 

Period Homes typically include tall ceilings and large windows creating an open floor plan which generally leads one room into another by way of formal corridors like hallways connecting rooms together using different dimension shapes.

These different shapes range from squares on corners, rectangles parallel to straight walls often called “railroad layouts”, because they look like railroad tracks intersecting each other until eventually converging on the same point, and long hallway stretches leading up to staircases divided in two halves.

A Period Style home is usually made up of one predominant colour which is carried through to its interior design as well. These homes can have their doors painted bright red while white pillars decorate the facade – all contributing to creating that airy neoclassic feeling inside.

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Period Home Design

Period Home designs are more popular now than ever before. These homes offer a simple style of living for people who don’t want the hassle and expense that comes along with contemporary design complexities, such as cost associated with installing  a solar system or expensive upkeep fees.

These Period Style houses have an appeal beyond their simplicity in life – they also provide homeowners with a sense of history while being aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Period Home Interior

The home is a place of comfort, and their interior design should reflect that. Period Homes emphasise natural materials such as stone floors covered in antique rugs or wood paneling for walls. A big fireplace sets the perfect mood with warm blankets draped over chairs near it at all times of year to keep you cozy from sunrise until sunset.

The home interior decorations of the period are made with pieces that reflect an opulent lifestyle. Beds have grand headboards, there is a lot of gold trim on furniture, elaborate chandeliers hang from ceilings, and lush carpeting covers the floors.

Period Home Ideas

Designing a Period Home can be an exciting project. You may want to consider replicating the more intricate elements of decorating from Renaissance, Baroque, or Rococo periods in order to capture this style’s elegance and charm. However you choose your design inspiration, there are some steps for period-style homeowners that stand out as being important.

For example, consider using shades of reds (or gold) and blue colours with white trimming on ceilings and walls – these were popular during the 17th century. You’ll also find subtle patterns like stripes which mimic tapestries common of the era too. One way is by painting one wall darker than another creating depth/dimensionality when light enters through windows into certain rooms.

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