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Westgarth is a neighbourhood in the suburb of Northcote, located about 5km northeast of the Melbourne CBD and provides the perfect balance between a quiet suburban village and city life. Famous for its iconic cinema, Westgarth is a peaceful place with some wonderful period homes and architecture. 

If you’re lucky enough to live in Westgarth, you’ll know what a great place it is to live and why most people who live there don’t want to move. That is one of the reasons why renovating or extending your property is a much better option than selling and moving elsewhere. This is where Period Extensions & Designs comes into the equation.

At Period Extensions & Designs, we have been providing custom home renovations and extensions in the Westgarth area for over 20 years. Whether you are looking at an extension or a small renovation like updating your kitchen or a bathroom with new appliances and additional storage space, we are here to help.

Why Choose To Live In Westgarth?

Unlike other suburbs in Melbourne, Westgarth has managed to retain its Victorian-era architecture along the main commercial strip while maintaining a village-like atmosphere. The old Westgarth cinema is still a prominent feature of the neighbourhood and has been upgraded to suit the needs of modern movie-goers while retaining its original structure. 

Westgarth is resident to many artists and offers a bohemian feel with the many art shops, trendy cafes and restaurants that line High Street. Although this strip is a little behind in its progression unlike its neighbours in Clifton Hill and Fairfield, it has a really chilled vibe to make up for it.

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Westgarth Demographics

As Westgarth is only a neighbourhood of Northcote, there are no official population statistics however, the population of Northcote is just over 25,000 of which around 37% of people are married. Of those, 19% are maturing and established independence, around 17% are independent youth while just over 16% are established couples and families.

The main occupations of people living in Westgarth and Northcote are around 42% professionals, 20% administrative and sales workers, 14% managerial, 8.4% community and personal service workers, and just over 8% technicians and trades workers.

Almost 31% of homes in Westgarth and Northcote are fully owned with the median individual income around $750 per week and the median household income is just under $1600 per week.

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Westgarth Lifestyle

Westgarth is a very multicultural suburb with a lot of European influence due to the influx of migrants in the 50’s and 60’s. The lifestyle is generally quite laid back with plenty of opportunities to engage in the art scene and enjoy the various cafes and restaurants. This art scene has also seen a larger number of people who lead an alternative lifestyle taking up residence. 

As Westgarth has a real village vibe, it’s not surprising that development has been slow although there have been a few apartments going up over the old shops. This helps to keep things fresh for residents while also retaining some of the traditional “village” feel from when they were first built back in the mid1800s.

Types Of Homes In Westgarth

Many of the homes in Westgarth retain an Edwardian-era sense of architecture. Even homes that have been entirely rebuilt or renovated tend to have touches of Victorian-style incorporated into them. However, many homes also have architectural styles that have been influenced by various styles over time.

Therefore, there are a number of different types of architectural styles to suit most tastes and there are no strict stylistic rules to abide by when renovating or extending an existing home. This means if you are planning an extension or renovation on your Westgarth home, you are free to use as much artistic and architectural flair as you see fit.

Westgarth Median House Prices

The median property price for houses in Westgarth currently range from around $1,413,000 for a 2 bedroom house, through to $1,800,000 for a 4 bedroom house. Home renovations and extensions in the area generally follow the same guidelines which ensures historical architecture is preserved while updating the inner workings of the home for modern convenience. 

So if you live in Westgarth, rather than moving to another suburb, there are a number of benefits when it comes to extending or renovating your property. Please contact us today to find out how we can turn your exclusive Westgarth property home into a more functional and modern space without compromising the traditional look of the property.

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