Blackburn New Home Project

Blackburn home extension, built in Victorian period style with a beautiful veranda around the house.

Polished timber flooring running through the combined kitchen area and living space.

Freshly laid carpet in all of the bedrooms generating a new and homely feel.

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Kitchen and Living Room Renovation

Polished timber flooring with a glossy finish through kitchen space and living area

Freshly painted walls in crisp white for a distinct contrast with the interior design

Traditional kitchen island with beautifully finished solid timber island benchtop with lambs tongue edge profile

Generous burgundy oven with a gas stove top, an exclusive and gorgeous detail to the kitchen space

Large dining area with space for a big family dinner

Combined kitchen and living room area in an open space

The black fireplace painted in same white colour as walls to give the room a more modern look and feel

Bathroom Redecoration

Built-in bath tub, following the conventional style to this beautiful home redecoration

Solid timber bathroom benchtop with dual sink installation

Large frameless mirror covering the wall above the bathroom benchtop

Matt grey tiles on floor and wall, leaving a smaller area on top of wall free for a creative structure

Traditional style bathroom cupboards with lots of storage

Front of the House Renovation

Stunning house front extension with distinct window design

Upstairs enclosed deck parallel with bottom floor veranda

Grass design with stone tiles leading up to the front door

Veranda Design

Enclosed veranda with sturdy wooden planks in dark finish for that conventional feel

Seating installed in larger wooden planks along side the front of house, creating a relaxing environment

This veranda has space for a BBQ and is overlooking the front yard and playground

Hallway Design

Beautiful and welcoming hallway design in a traditional style with dark wooden stairs

Polished wooden floors matching the staircase

Detailed interior with a hallway bench and fresh flowers in a glass vase



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