home interior with white walls
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Period home colour schemes will always vary. That’s because no two period properties are ever quite the same. However, colour choice makes a significant impact on how your interiors and exteriors will look in the long run. What’s more, the right colours can help to honour a property’s character, while modernising it all the same.

home interior with white walls

In this quick guide, we’ll take a look at what you can expect from period home colour schemes. While we won’t go into detail on each type of period home in this piece, we will at least give you a broad overview of the importance of paint.

Go For Tradition

When choosing the right colour scheme for your property, think about the shades and hues popular to the period. A period home renovations expert will be able to share ideas with you. While brighter colours may be a hallmark of mid-20th-century housing, pre-20th may look better with muted shades.

You should look to complement your property with colour. It’s tempting to splash your favourite shades over your project. However, to keep authenticity, try and stick to the traditional palette. You can do this and still modernise the look of your home.

Go Neutral

Along the same lines, don’t be too afraid to pick neutral colours. Anyone well-versed in period extensions and design will tell you that pure whites and greys can be very powerful. What’s more, they help to create a broader sense of space.

In period properties which may feel cramped or tight, this is a big plus. Don’t be too tempted to go for bright, bold colours. It’s fine to splash some personality around; however, do consult a period design expert first. They will help you to define your palette.

Be Sparing

The urge to brighten up an old property with a new colour can sometimes be very strong. Our best advice to give in this regard is to try and exercise restraint! Colour is fantastic as it can be used to enhance space or even create greater intimacy. However, there is a risk that you may end up completely overdoing things.

Only ever use colour that is appropriate to the look of your property, and use it where it needs it the most. Unsure where this might be? Consult a design expert and never start splashing colour and paint around until you have an expert opinion.

Be Creative

It may be easy to think this guide has warned you off going too creative with colour. However, we believe a balanced amount of creative paint goes a long way. It’s all going to depend on the balance you want to strike between traditional and modern.

Want to modernise a property completely? You can afford to be more creative. Want to stick to the old traditions? Think creatively about how to emulate period colour schemes and touches.

Above all, always make sure you have a period renovations expert by your side. Call us on 03 9882 5255 to learn more.

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