bedroom with wood ceiling
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Your bedroom is the one place in your house where you can truly relax and feel most comfortable. But while there are plenty of period design ideas for your living areas or bathrooms, a lot of people get stuck on just how to dress their bedroom when they only have a small square or rectangular space to work with.

In this post we are going to take a look at some ways you can dress your bedroom in line with particular period designs.

bedroom with wood ceiling

Georgian era

This era was all about simplicity, so look for plain or soft floral fabrics to use to keep things elegant, with long heavy curtains over your windows.  A bedroom bench can be placed at the end of the bed, and go hunting for some antique wooden furniture with cabriole legs and slipper feet. Lighting should be soft, and use a large rug over your beautifully finished wooden floors.

Victorian era

A cast-iron or brass bed should be your starting point for your Victorian bedroom with numerous pillows and material adorning it. Furniture should be made from solid wood such as walnut, oak or mahogany, with soft rugs on the floor. When choosing curtains, you’ll want to look for velvet or delicate florals, and your walls should feature older-style paintings of animals or children.

If you want to add some accessories to complete your look, consider candlesticks, lamps or brass pottery to place on tables or chests of drawers.

Art Nouveau era

The Art Nouveau era was all about originality, lavishness and beauty inspired by nature, and you can definitely have a lot of fun with dressing an Art Nouveau bedroom.

The furniture style of this period was sweeping and feminine, so choosing a solid wood bed with interesting curved lines will certainly make an eye-catching centrepiece. Printed and woven fabrics featuring vines or flowers were common, and you can use these either in upholstery for your bed, on armchairs, in curtains or rugs. You could use wallpaper with bold or muted palettes, and either cover all walls or have just one accent wall. You can also cover your walls with printed artwork pieces that you find at antique shops or art fairs, or you can even replicate prints yourself.

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