Where Start When Entire Home Needs Renovating
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Where Start When Entire Home Needs Renovating

Have you just moved into a new home and want to start some renovations? Or do you simply want to give your home a complete makeover, but don’t know where to start?

If this sounds like you, please keep reading as we take a look at the best place to start your renovation project.

Undertaking a renovation or extension of any size can be an overwhelming task. There are so many things to do that sometimes, you don’t know where to actually start.

That is why we have created this simple step-by-step guide on where to start when your entire home needs renovating. We hope this guide can give you some perspective on the project as a whole along with the best palace to get started.

1). Identify The Problems

Renovations are often exciting because it’s an avenue for you to spice up your home and add some personal touches of your own.

However, renovations must also be practical and targeted to address your specific needs. There are a lot of things to consider first.

To being with, it is important to identify any existing problems with your house. It could be a lack of storage, it could be lack of space, it could even be systematic defects.

You should answer questions such as “Is the space in this room sufficient enough?” or “Do I really need more storage, or can this high traffic area flow better?” 

However, more importantly, the main question you should ask yourself is “What is the most urgent area in need of a renovation?”

Try to identify the most important issues that can be addressed before you proceed too much further with the planning.

When doing this, don’t just look at the renovation or extension itself, but also how these issues impact the rest of the house.

Remember to stick to the fundamentals. Address issues that pertain to things such as electricity, plumbing, insulation, space etc. 

Working together with a professional design and build team should be prioritised to help you professionally gauge which parts of your house should be addressed.

Where Start When Your Entire Home Needs Renovating

2). Draw Up An Action Plan

Once you’ve been able to identify the problems your home renovation intends to address, then create an action plan.

Make a list of things that you want to be renovated, whether it be floorboards, ceilings, lights, furniture, or anything else that stands out. 

After you are able to create this list, prioritise which room or renovation is most urgent. Which room has the most urgent issues? What problems are the most important to address?

Arrange your list according to priority, and then execute from there. This is meant to give you a clear vision of your action plan. You can even create a design layout.

Sketch out what you want your home to look like and then identify which areas of your home should be prioritised. This way, you will be able to have a clear vision of how you want your house to look and where to start. 

3). Budget Realistically

Often times, we tend to go overboard with home renovations. After all, who doesn’t want their home to have a fresh look and feel as close to perfect as possible! However, we must also be realistic in terms of the expenses. 

Budgeting is another realistic encounter when it comes to home renovations. Once you’ve been able to prioritise which rooms are more urgent to renovate, estimate and allocate a budget so that your home renovation is not only beneficial but economical as well. 

Where Start When Your Entire Home Needs Renovating

4). Try To Be Resourceful!

Sometimes, there are a lot of more suitable alternatives compared to our original renovation ideas. 

Perhaps you wanted to purchase a specific type of floorboard from a shop you had in mind, but maybe you can find a cheaper, more sustainable alternative from another shop.

Therefore, it is important to make sure you keep your options open. Do some research and try to find great alternatives for your home renovations.

This way, things that you once thought were urgent may have had a better alternative that can be easily carried out later on. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to renovating, our excitement often overwhelms us and it becomes difficult to find a starting point. However, don’t forget our four-step guide:

1). Identify the problems, so that you can keep in mind the problems your home renovation should address

2). Draw up an action plan, so you can prioritise your renovation ideas based on the urgent problems and then execute a plan

3). Budget realistically, so that you can make your renovation pursuits both practical, realistic, and economical

4). Be resourceful, so that you can find worthy alternatives to help make your action plan more doable. 

If you are looking for experienced and trustworthy professionals to help you out with each and every step of your period home renovation or extension, look no further than Period Extensions & Designs.

Whether you need help with the design or the actual renovation itself, please call us today at Period Extensions & Designs on (03) 8658 1340 or contact us through our contact form.

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