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Many different fixtures and fittings make up a home. They are surprisingly complex, and all home renovation experts will realise this soon enough. Read more about home features and facets to learn how they fit together. Before you start a renovation project, it is always a good idea to refresh yourself on some of the home basics.

greenhouse inside front yard

7 Creative Ways to Make a Typical Period Home Stand Out

Let’s be clear, there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ period home, so for this guide, we are referring

brick wall

6 Tips on Renovating a Period Home Without Losing Its Character

After fantasising about how wonderful it’s going to be living in a perfectly restored period home, there is a lot

modern-style light bulbs

10 Ways to Give Your Period Home a Modern Makeover

Living in a period home does not mean that you have to do without today’s modern trends and technologies. In


Three Reasons Why You Need A Wine Cellar Renovation

Having your own wine room is an investment in your home, your wine collection and your lifestyle and here’s why it should be a part of your next home renovation or extension.


Why You Should Add A Fireplace To Your Home

Even the later designs such as the Californian Bungalow, Hampton’s style and the Minimalist house designs have incorporated the humble fireplace as a feature and focal point of their designs. There are several reasons for this.