living room with natural light
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Period home style will, naturally, differ from property to property.  However, there are some great ways you can retain the character of your home while modernising it for everyday life.  Here are ten brilliant period home design tips you can put into practice to get started.

Consider Your Lifestyle

One of the best design tips for period home renovation we can offer is don’t be afraid to renovate!  You may worry about having some of the charms of a period home removed to make it liveable.  However, needs must come first – and if an old piece or fitting doesn’t work for you, then scrap it.

Bring Out the Old

A great way to mould the old and new together is to show off the original walls and fittings.  This way, you can introduce modern furniture and items to work alongside.  Bring out the old, but also bring in the new.

Change up the Doors

Doors are likely to be fittings which age the least well from property to property.  This mainly goes for your front door.  For the sake of security as well as appearances, have a new front door installed if you can.

living room with natural light

Enhance Natural Light

Period home style may not be so keen to focus on windows and natural light, so we highly recommend changing this up.  Glass is a flexible material which can help to modernise period home architecture without bringing in too much of a clash.

Ask for Help

It is never a good idea to undertake the whole of a period home extension project on your own.  Period home experts will be able to oversee the design and the physical project for you as you go!

Don’t Assume Problem Areas are ‘Quaint’

You can quickly go too far the other way as far as updating a period home is concerned.  If you’re worried about losing the character in your property, please remember that some elements will need to be removed or renovated for health reasons.

Use Furnishings to Your Advantage

If you’re worried about making too permanent a mark on your property, you should think about modernising and brightening up your space with the right furnishings.  That means bright, colourful curtains, rugs, seating and more.  All can be temporary.

Think About Layers

One thing you may not have thought about when it comes to renovating a period home is cladding or adding layers.  Layers of stone, brick or wood will blend in with a whole host of period home styles, and what’s more, they’ll add value.

Be Careful with Eco Upgrading

While it makes sense to upgrade a period property to be energy efficient, some upgrades may harm your property.  Therefore, it makes sense to consult an expert who can help you make property enhancements which won’t damage the look or structure of a home long term.

Renovating period homes takes a lot of detail, but is extremely rewarding.  Call Period Extensions & Designs today to learn more about what’s involved.  Call 03 9882 5255 at your convenience.

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