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Period home renovation isn’t something that can be easily defined.  Each project is going to be slightly different, and that’s even before you start thinking about the different period styles Australia loves so much.  We’ve produced some comprehensive guides on how to prepare for period home renovation, but what are some of the best secrets you can take advantage of before making decisions?  Let’s take a look.

Never Go It Alone

While it may be tempting to take on a fair amount of period renovation as DIY, it’s probably not advisable that you do.  Period home renovation can take more time and effort than you may imagine, at least to begin with.  Hiring an expert will not only help you realise some of the more intricate details of a period home but will also ensure you modernise without losing any of that essential charm and character.

Think About Goals

Yes, it’s tempting to let a period home extension project run on and on.  However, the key to a successful project lies in the deadlines that you set.  By keeping an end goal in mind, you will be able to measure for each step along the way.  This way, you can manage your project a little easier, and you can avoid getting too bogged down with ideas of perfection.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Modernise

There may be two types of period renovator – those who want to modernise completely, and those who want to keep everything looking as it is.  There’s nothing to say you can’t do a little bit of both!  You shouldn’t ever worry too much about getting rid of elements that don’t work for you.  Working with a renovation expert, you’ll be able to keep some of the more charming touches while modernising others that clash with your needs.

Balance Personality with Practicality

When it comes to period home style, you may be keen to focus more on style and less on function.  It’s not hard to understand why you might think that way!  However, tying in with our above point, consider that your property is meant to serve a practical purpose, too.  You’re going to need to look for a balance between aesthetics and function.

Think About Energy Efficiency

Something you are going to need to think about deeply is how efficient your project will be.  Period homes aren’t always going to be the best at saving you money on the energy front.  Therefore, you’re going to need to look at upgrades for health and cost reasons.  Again, a renovation expert will be able to make suggestions you can rely on.

Finding Your Ideal Look

Finding the right look for your period home renovation shouldn’t be too much about compromise on your part.  Working with an expert in the trade, you may be able to unlock aesthetics and themes you never knew appealed to you.

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