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As we’ve already discussed in our longer guides to period home renovation, colour is essential. If you want to keep the charm of a period property, you should never go over the top with intense shades and hues.

With that considered, what are some of the best colour schemes to use for typical period properties? Some period homes are more practical than they are visually stunning. Therefore, it makes sense to give aesthetics a helping hand. Here are some ideas to get started with.

white house with picket fence

Whites and Greys

Going for whites and greys is a safe option. These are the most neutral shades, and what’s more, they can help to bring out a lot in a property. If you aim to stay loyal to a period design, you may wish to draw attention to features with simple, neutral touches.

Black and Dark Colours

It may seem a bit daring to use dark colours in period homes. However, these shades can help add to the sophistication and depth of your property. When used sparingly, darker shades can bring out some of the brighter tones in fixtures and fittings, too. It’s a great choice if you don’t want to be bold with your home design.

Pleasing Blues

Blue is one of the most popular colour choices for properties. However, you should be careful about the shade and depth you opt for. Too bold, and it will clash with furniture and other features. Too mild, and it won’t leave any impact at all.

Discuss your options with an expert in period home renovation. They will help you find shades of blue which are pleasant, complementary, and which won’t distract attention.

Going Green

Green is a brilliantly versatile colour. That is, of course, when used in the right way. Bold, deep greens can help to evoke feelings of nature. However, too sharp a green can clash with even the most neutral of fittings.

Green isn’t always going to fit in well with practical period homes. However, it may help them stand out for the better. As with blue, think about using muted shades. Don’t leap headfirst into imposing, striking greens unless the period demands it. Again, an expert will help you pick the right tone.

Browns and Coppers

Brown is a colour which has plenty of great uses. It evokes natural images, again, which will work well with modern upgrades to period homes. It is also the colour of many metals. That means you can complement metal touches in your home with copper colours, moving into orange and terracotta as you wish.

Picking Your Palette

Ultimately, the colour scheme you choose will depend on the period of your home. It’s time to think about period home colour schemes which stand out in a good way. However, it is also worthwhile honouring your existing features and fittings.

Don’t go into period home renovation alone. Let our experts lead the way for you with brilliant colour schemes and ideas. Call us today on 03 9882 5255 to learn more.

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