Is Permit Needed When Adding Small Extension
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Is Permit Needed When Adding Small Extension

Are you planning to add a small extension to your home or carry out a small renovation? If so, please continue to read on for some important information.

Before conducting any type of home renovation, it is especially important that you not only ensure that the necessary building inspections are carried out but that you also secure a building permit.

However, depending on the significance and scale of the construction, having to secure a building permit may not be necessary. 

What Is A Building Permit?

Before we discuss whether a permit is necessary for adding a small extension to your home, it is best to understand exactly what a building permit is.

A building permit is issued by a registered building surveyor acknowledging that the plans and documentation submitted by your contractor have satisfied the relevant Building Regulations.

A building surveyor provides authority for building works to commence and is required for most new home builds, extensions and renovations.

Permits are essential because they ensure that your construction projects comply with all the local safety, health, and structural requirements and standards to ensure the general safety of not just yourself, but of others too. 

Moreover, permits are required for you to collect insurance in the event that your construction project is unsuccessful or suffers from unforeseen circumstances (for example, if a fire breaks out). 

Is Permit Needed When Adding Small Extension To Home

Do All Types of Construction and Renovation Projects Require A Permit?

The simple answer: no. If you are conducting a project for minimal replacements or repairs, then you or a professional contractor can perform repairs and replacements without needing to apply for a permit.

For example, you may not require a building permit if you are making changes to the interior if it doesn’t alter the structure of your home such as:

1). Repairing or maintaining a part of your home
2). Remodelling your kitchen or bathroom
3). Replacing windows
4). Installing a wood heater

However, permits may be necessary for larger-scale projects that alter the structure of your home. Listed below are some scenarios in which a building permit may be required:

1). Adding an extension to an existing building
2). Changing the structure of a building
3). Installing a fence higher than 2 meters
4). Placing a shed bigger than 10m²
5). Constructing a swimming pool which is at least 300 mm deep
6). Installing a bay or corner type window which involves having to change the wall’s structure so that it fits

Therefore, if your construction project involves having to alter the structure and shape of the property in question, then chances are that you may need to secure a building permit.

Is Permit Needed When Adding Small Extension To Home

What Else Do I Need To Know About Securing Building Permits?

Before you get a building permit, it is important to identify first whether or not your project will need a planning permit.

A planning permit gives the builder authority to build/modify land that is subject to Council Regulations. 

Your local council is responsible for issuing a planning permit. If your project requires a planning permit then it must be obtained before you obtain a building permit. 

Applying for a building permit usually follows the following steps: 

  • Obtaining the necessary plans and documentation
  • Choosing a building surveyor 
  • Filling out a building application form
  • Paying the fees associated with the scope of the project. 

As a tip to help you out, when securing a building permit, it is important that you hire an experienced contractor who can help assist and guide you through this application process.

This can often be tricky for the homeowner so having someone familiar with the process will definitely be a big help.

Final Thoughts

Building permits are necessary for projects that involve changing the structure of the property in question. As such, because adding an extension, big or small, changes the structure of your home, you will need to secure a permit for this.

However, you don’t need to be intimidated by this! If ever you need guidance through the process, there are many experienced contractors who can help you fulfil all the necessary steps before you proceed with executing your construction project. 

If you are looking for an experienced and trustworthy professional to help you out with each and every step of your home renovation, look no further than Period Extensions & Designs.

Whether you need help with the design or the actual renovation itself, please call us today at Period Extensions & Designs on (03) 8658 1340 or contact us through our contact form.

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