Why Extend Your Home Instead Of Building A New One
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Are you wondering if extending your home is a better option than building a new home? Before you decide between the two, it’s good to understand why you should extend your house instead of building a new one. With that said, read on to find out why people extend their homes instead of building a new home. 

What Is A House Extension?

A house extension is when a new section is added to the home.  This could be enlarging and extending the footprint on the ground floor, or even adding a second storey. Home extensions involve creating new areas or enlarging existing areas. 

An extension is often classed as a type of home renovation. Basically, if a person wants to have a home to suit their needs, then an extension is worth looking into. Extensions simply mean extending onto an existing home, which in turn creates a more suitable and comfortable place for the occupants.

Why Extend Your Home Instead Of Building A New One

Reasons Why It’s Better To Extend Homes Instead Of Building A New One

The top reasons why extending a home is better than building a new one: 

  • Increase Open Plan Space – Sometimes a homeowner just wants to increase their living space. An extension can accomplish this. For example, if a person wants to increase their living space and create an open plan living, kitchen and dining area, then an extension is the perfect option. 
  • Improving is Better Than Moving – If you simply love the area you live in or you love your home, however, the space is lacking, then a home extension is the way to go. A home extension allows you to create more space where you need it most, whether that be extending your living areas, or adding additional bedrooms or bathrooms.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is it is often better to extend your current home instead of building or buying a brand new one. From being able to improve your existing home to staying in the area that you love, there are many reasons to choose to extend a home instead of building a home.

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