5 Stunning Ways Renovate Period Property
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5 Stunning Ways Renovate Period Property

A small change or improvement to a period home can change the overall look and feel of the home. You do not need to invest a major makeover to give your old home a refreshingly new look. 

Sometimes, a few tweaks and minor renovations are all you need to breathe new life into a classic home. Here are 5 stunning ways to renovate a period property without spending too much time and money.

Add Some Industrial Touches

Installing steel-framed windows may seem like an odd choice for a period home but the contrast can actually work well for the space. The stark contrast between the old and the new is a great combination to update the space without sacrificing the design and the integrity of the classic design. Industrial installations are also practical and add to the functionality of the space.

Adding industrial touches to the place elevates the beauty of the old design while improving the functionality of the home. Industrial materials are strong and durable so they last for a lifetime. They also require very little maintenance and they are cheap to repair or replace.

Highlight The Staircase

Period homes have intricate details like the stairway handrails. If your balustrade is made of an intricate hand-carved design, make sure you make that a signature piece in the house. 

Feature the staircase by painting it with a colour that contrasts the rest of the house paint. Choose a paint that will allow the special features of the stairs to stand out and get noticed at first glance.

5 Stunning Ways To Renovate Period Property

Install Sliding Doors 

Installing a barnyard-style wooden sliding door will complement the classic look and feel of the period home. Sliding doors like this adds a rustic look to the space so it will not overpower the area and will blend with the classic style. It is still a great new feature but it will not take away from the classic aesthetics your period home offers.

Distinct Contrast

Do not try to disguise or hide the newly renovated space or extension. Let the new area shine and sit together with the old. By giving each element a stark distinction, you are keeping the classic look while highlighting the new addition to the period property. Let the new be new and the old be old. There should be no confusion as to where the modern extension starts and the old one ends.

5 Stunning Ways Renovate Period Property

Showcase The Existing Period Features

Embrace the charming character and features by highlighting them instead of hiding or changing them. Add modern extensions and features if you have to but do not take away what makes the period home beautiful. Exposed beams are beautiful. Let them stand out by painting the ceilings and walls with colours that will complement them.

Renovating a period property requires background knowledge and design experience. Do not compromise the design and structural integrity of your classic home by doing the renovations yourself. Hire professionals who have the expertise to handle the renovation of your beautiful period property without doing any damage and compromising the design.

Adding to or renovating a period home is challenging because materials may no longer be available and modern appliances may not fit in the current layout. 

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