10 Common Period Home Renovation Mistakes
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10 Common Period Home Renovation Mistakes

When it comes to period home renovation, it is critical that you take your time and plan out everything thoroughly. Therefore, it is important to be aware of possible home renovation mistakes that can occur so that you will be able to avoid them during the project.

If you want to learn the top 10 renovation errors you should avoid, then please feel free to continue reading below.

1). Not Keeping An Open Mind

When pursuing a home renovation project, it is important that you consider your house as a whole. This is especially important if you plan to add an extension. It may be easy to focus on the dream space, but it must be able to fit in well with the rest of your home once the project is completed. 

If you have bigger plans for your home extension in the future but need to phase the build, then consider this very early on and what impact that will have if you plan to renovate in the short term. It is important to keep an open mind, think ahead, and understand your house as a whole unit.

2). Following An Unrealistic Schedule

Sometimes, it is difficult to rush building work, especially when you consider that most things take longer than anticipated or expected. More importantly, there can be a lot of unpredictable or unforeseen changes that may occur. Therefore, it is important to be aware of these from the beginning of the renovation project and to somehow incorporate them into your schedule. This is so that you aren’t disappointed if things don’t work out accordingly. 

3). Rushing The Planning Application

To avoid this mistake, consulting with a professional is recommended so that you can accomplish planning permission without any stress. Professionals know what they are doing and will do what they can to ensure that your application does not fail. 

To help with this process, it is suggested to wait until you have a design that pleases both you and your architect so that you can achieve planning permission smoothly. It is also worth noting that not all work requires planning permission, so this is something you should ask your architect.

10 Common Period Home Renovation Mistakes

4). Upsetting Your Neighbours

Before carrying out renovation plans, it is respectful and polite to talk with your neighbours and be transparent about your plans. This is because building work can be quite disruptive to neighbours. By establishing transparency with your neighbours from the beginning, you will be able to continue your project without surprising them and causing unnecessary conflict. 

5). Working With An Unreputable Builder

Working with an unreputable builder can be tempting especially if they offer cheap quotes for building work. While it is your decision on who you choose to carry out your home renovation, it is always recommended to seek the services of a professional and reputable contractor. 

Receiving a detailed quote and a thorough explanation of the contractor’s process is critical. If anything unexpected occurs, you need reassurance that it will be handled properly and according to your budget or contingency fund. Therefore, it is recommended to seek references from previous clients before proceeding with building work. 

6). Unspecified Budgets

Running out of money will be the worst mistake you can make when it comes to renovations (or anything, for that matter). To prevent this, acquire fixed quotes and estimates from your building contractors. Make sure to also have a contingency fund just in case unexpected expenses arise. 

7). Being Indecisive

Sometimes, changing a few elements here and there may not be a problem. However, it will become a problem if it requires additional costs and updated planning permission applications. Make sure to take time with your design and be more decisive with the elements you want to include to avoid these inconveniences.

8). Choosing The Wrong Materials

It is important that you choose materials that are compatible with the building that you own. Make sure your materials are suitable, aesthetically pleasing, energy-efficient, and most importantly budget-friendly. Consulting with the renovation team can help you with this task.

10 Common Period Home Renovation Mistakes

9). Choosing The Wrong Windows

This may seem like a small mistake, but it can actually make or break your renovation project especially if it is an extension project. Research all your options and make sure the style of windows you choose fits your property well. 

10). Not Insuring The Project

When you begin your renovation project, your existing home insurance policy may not be valid. It is recommended to contact your insurance provider and ask them for advice before beginning the design process. This will give you more time to plan around the policy. 

Furthermore, if you engage a builder to carry out the project, it is mandatory for them to carry builders insurance so make sure you check that they have a current policy in place. Don’t just ask them, make sure they show you the policy and make sure you understand what is covered under the policy.

Final Thoughts

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