What Need Consider When Getting Home Extension
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What Need Consider When Getting Home Extension

House extensions are a great opportunity to add space to the home that you have come to love. However, you might be wondering what you need to consider before getting a home extension.

Whatever intention or goal you have in mind, it is important that you carefully plan ahead before you carry out a home extension project. There are many things to consider things such as budgets, logistics, legalities, and a whole lot more.

If you want to learn more about what you will need to consider when getting a house extension, then please keep reading as we discuss this topic in more detail below. 

1). Visualise What You Want

You may have the faint goal of creating an extension, but you have to thoroughly visualise what you want. If you create the extension, what is it for? Where will you place the necessary appliances? Will the extension address the needs of your house? Where will you place the extension?

Try to make your goals more tangible when getting a home extension. This way, you will get as much value as you possibly can.

2). Keeping Up With Costs

Of course, the cost is a big factor that you will need to consider when getting a home extension. One helpful tip is to try to be realistic and honest with the money that you have available. The location, the size of the extension, and even other conditions such as soil will affect the total cost of your extension project.

What Need Consider When Getting Home Extension

3). Securing Planning Permissions

This consideration is often overlooked, but it is imperative that you consider this. Before you begin your extension project, make sure that you have secured the correct planning permission. In some cases, you may not need one; however, it is always better to be ready and prepared. 

You can find out if planning permission is required by heading over to your local council’s website or a permitted development rights system. Or, you can consult with a professional to help you learn more about this.

4). Securing Building Certificates

You also cannot forget to secure building certificates. Once all the building work has been accomplished, make sure that you talk to your builder or contractor to help you acquire all the necessary certification. 

Building certification may include building control certificates, electrical and gas safe certification, etc. Without securing these certificates, it could be challenging to sell your property, later on, if you ever plan to do this. 

5). Budgeting Time

The time it will take for your home extension project is another important factor to consider. Depending on the size of the extension, it could take as long as 3 months to complete so it is important to plan how you will adjust to this.

You need to also account for possibilities such as additional requirements that need planning permission and building control approval that could extend the time of completion. Therefore, it is important to consider time as an element in home extensions to avoid further disruptions.

6). Coping With The Process

You must also consider the day-to-day logistics that you will have to adjust to as the project is carried out. There could be a lot of dust or noise that can serve as a disruption to you. You can choose to find temporary accommodation for the meantime or simply find ways to adjust to the construction process.

However, other ways that you can prepare for the construction process is to invest in dust sheets, move belongings to storage, or take your family out for dinner to escape the mess.  

What Need Consider When Getting Home Extension

7). Considering The Neighbours

While you are free to build your own extension in the way you envision it to look, considering the neighbours is also another important responsibility. Even if your planning permission has been granted, it would be courteous to inform your neighbours that you have building plans. 

Things to consider might include: Are there problems with overlooking? Could neighbours complain about their “right to light?” “Who owns the boundary fence?” “Would your extension overshadow their garden?” All of the questions are important questions to ask your neighbours when getting a home extension.

Final Thoughts

Building a home extension can be a great commitment. However, it is important that you carefully consider these important factors before building an extension. 

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