Ways Glazing Creates Light With an Extension
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Natural lighting is fabulous at making homes feel more spacious, bright, airy, and comfortable. When it comes to natural lighting, there are a number of ways to bring light in. For example, windows and skylights remain key elements. 

Rooms with insufficient natural light can feel dark and cramped. However, with an extension or renovation that is creatively lit, you can transform such a space into a magnificent, vibrant area! 

With that said, are you considering a home extension or renovation to brighten up your living room? The kitchen maybe? Or perhaps the bathroom? If so, here’s how we do it at Period Extensions & Designs.

1). Skylights

If you want to brighten up your extension/renovation space the most you can, let the sun flood in from above (if permitted). Depending on the layout of the room itself, skylights can bring in even more light compared to standard windows. Remember that no matter the size, skylights will make a space bright and airy.

You could also have skylights at the centre of your extension to distribute light throughout your extension and the rooms next to it. What’s more, skylights make spaces feel modern and more stylish and add that creative flare.  

2). Internal Steel-Framed Glass Doors

Looking for a chic and modern touch to your home, whilst creating a more spacious and bright feel? If so, an internal steel-framed glass door could be your perfect opportunity. Steel-framed glass doors have become incredibly popular in extensions and renovations. That perfect modern and personal touch you have been looking for. Also, having an internal glass door allows light to stream in from one area to the next – for example, having a beautiful steel-framed glass door at the end of the hallway leading to the kitchen or living area allows light to be shared between spaces. 

3). Additional Windows 

This is a very obvious option, we know. However, not to be underestimated. Many period homes around Melbourne in their original condition lack natural light due to limited windows.  Standard-sized windows can be used to increase your glazing footprint to maximise natural light. Especially north-facing windows – these are ideal in the living and kitchen area to allow as much light in as possible.  

Ways Glazing Creates Light With an Extension

4). Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Wanting something larger than standard windows? Floor-to-ceiling windows (if permitted) bring unique magic to what would otherwise seem like an ordinary room. They are the easiest way to bring more natural light into your extension or renovation and existing space. They almost make it seem like the interior and exterior are one, showcasing stunning views while allowing plentiful, energising light in. Not only do these types of windows allow natural light to stream in; they also give your home that cutting-edge modern touch.

5). Fully Glazed Extension

If you can, go big! Perhaps you are thinking of a glass-roofed pavilion? A fully glazed extension? If permitted, let the light flood in from all directions, above and through the windows. Such an extension would make your home feel ultra-modern, bringing the sky and landscape right into your home. 

Talk To Period Extensions & Designs

Glass is a key component of any home extension or renovation. It maximises the views while adding mood-boosting daylight into interior spaces. With the right creative technique, you can transform your home in a way you never thought possible. 

For that, Period Extensions & Designs can certainly help. We are a Design and Build company that can transform your home while maximising the amount of natural light. 

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