Modern Extensions Ideas For Existing Houses in 2022

When a house gets too small for its current occupants, most people automatically think about moving to a larger home. However, do you know there is another way to deal with this? Building an extension!

Not only does an extension increase the square meterage of the home, but it also presents an opportunity to personalise your space, especially if you didn’t get that chance with the existing house. For those with poorly lit interiors or cramped living spaces with no flow, a house extension offers a golden opportunity at amplifying natural lighting and open up the house in a way you have always dreamed of. 

Expanding Existing Homes With Modern Extensions 

While extending an old house with matching materials creates a seamless transition, contrasting exudes a wow factor that is hard to replicate. It also adds a contemporary feel while dramatically allowing both sections to stand out.

If you’re wary that a modern house extension will clash with your existing house, replicate structures like archways and mouldings, or utilise similar floors to foster visual flow and cohesion. 

Modern Extensions Ideas For Existing Houses in 2022


Modern Extension Ideas

Our modern house extension projects below are guaranteed to provide some future inspiration when it comes to sprucing up your home. 

The Single Storey Extension 

The purpose of this extension is to boost a home’s existing floor space. This type of extension is ideal for larger living areas or kitchen extensions. Also, it seems perfect sense to add a master ensuite bedroom plus a walk-in wardrobe.  In addition, don’t forget to consider your outdoor area. A single-storey extension can create a wonderful indoor-outdoor living zone that blends your outdoor entertaining area with your indoor living area.

The Two Storey Extension

Adding another structure on top of your single floor building is a clever way of expanding your living space without compromising your outdoor and garden space. The project can help you increase the number of bedrooms or even living areas in the upstairs room without losing any space in the backyard. With this type of project, you and your growing family will feel more comfortable in the extra space available in the house.

Modern Extensions for Period Homes

A modern house extension is ideal for period houses such as art deco homes, federation cottages, and Victorian terrace houses. However, the extension has to respect the footprint and architecture; thus, a thorough understanding of who will be using the house and how it will be used is required. Overdoing it might end up ruining the appeal of the original structure.

Final Thoughts 

House extensions offer an appealing solution to increasing your home size and value. Although it is an exciting process, you should ensure you appoint an experienced Design and Build company.

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