Improve Appearance Of Period Home
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Are you seeking to improve the street appeal of your period home? Ensuring its exterior design looks good is a smart move to make it stand out from the crowd while increasing the overall aesthetic of your property.

Consider making small yet significant changes to the exterior (if authorities permit) such as changing its colour, roof covering, and new windows. Continue reading to discover more about renovating the exterior of your period home.

Things To Consider Before Renovating Period Home Exterior

It helps if you have a plan before renovating the exterior of your period home. Below are two things you need to consider before your home renovation.

1). Do You Have A Plan?

Renovating the exterior of your period home needs a clear strategy. Consider external design trends to establish your next steps and final appeal. Consult with specialists to help you with some ideas. Planning will ensure that your home’s outside makeover goes well.

2). Find An Experienced Builder

Having the right team behind you may be as important as having the right property. When planning your restoration, the right contractor will make sure your exterior renovation project runs smoothly. A reputable contractor should be transparent, have expertise in the design and build of period homes, and can attend to any permits that may be required.

Improve Appearance Of Period Home

How To Create A Perfect Period Home Exterior

Evaluate the finished project’s value and consider the appeal when considering a period home improvement project. Decide which upgrades will add value whether you plan to stay in the property or sell it. Here are some tips to help you create a perfect period home exterior:

  • Historical features: This is a vital aspect that must be completed to a high standard when renovating a period home. Preserving or replicating certain historical details such as mouldings, fretwork, archways, and architraves is crucial to help you achieve the best outcome. 
  • Paint: The exterior painting of your period home gives the property a lively nature by improving its overall appearance.
  • Front door: Replacing or painting your front door is another great touch when renovating your period home. It’s frequently a sizable portion of the exterior of your home and one of the first things guests notice. 
  • Landscaping: Landscaping is crucial in ensuring that your property looks its best from the street. Never underestimate the power of landscaping. 

Final Thoughts

Your period home will no doubt already have many beautiful features, so it’s just a matter of using a professional to help accentuate those features and the results will leave you spellbound.

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Our team of talented designers have expertise in creating distinctive solutions that preserve the structural integrity of historic buildings, enhance the beautiful historic characteristics, and match your modern lifestyle through high-quality home extensions and renovations. 

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