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When doing a home renovation, everyone you talk to will have their own opinion about how to do things in the right way. We’ve put together our list of 7 expert rules of renovating a house that will help keep the renovation process smooth and efficient.

1. Plan for all costs.

Putting together a budget means that you will be prepared for any and all expenses that might come up during your renovation. You’ll need to consider valuation fees, council taxes, legal costs, reconnection costs, building regulation fees, insurance, internal and external repairs, general building costs, interior design and decorating costs, warranties and all preliminary costs.

2. Be realistic with your budget.

While many of us want the look and feel of a multi-million-dollar home, most of us simply can’t afford it. You may need to cut back on some of your ‘wants’, or make compromises on design ideas so that you can stay within your budget. It is best to be upfront with the designer regarding your budget so that the designer can design for you according to your budget.

tiny wood house on top of calculator

3. Stick to a schedule.

Planning a home renovation, what needs to be done, and by when will help you along the way. Working as a team with the builder ensures a smooth build.

4. Allow some room for delays.

Even though sticking to a schedule is key, you should always allow some buffer time in case one part of the renovation takes longer than expected. Delays can be caused by weather, late deliveries or an emergency, so have a contingency plan in place.

5. Don’t make rash decisions.

Your renovation is your renovation. If you are not sure about an idea that has been presented to you, don’t feel pressured to say yes if you are not happy with it.

6. Make notes of all of your ideas.

Working with our design team, we will want to hear all of your ideas for your dream home. Our designers are experts at taking ideas and turning them into workable plans.

7. Don’t micro manage your design and build team.

It can be difficult not to micro manage a renovation project but put your trust in the professionals, and know that they will get everything done correctly. Have regular update meetings but otherwise feel free to let them do what they do best.

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