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Australia has a plethora of beautiful properties that you can choose from when looking for a property with character. Their style has withstood the test of time and can have a superior build quality. 

Period properties have grown in value and are known for their unique style, including sash windows, stained glass windows, stunning mouldings and trims, and ornate fireplaces. It would help if you considered several factors before buying a period home and embarking on a period home renovation project.  

What Is A Period Home?

The term period home is used to refer to any property that was constructed before World War One. Georgian, Edwardian, and Victorian houses are some examples of period homes. A distinctive architectural style characterises period homes. A period home is not the same as a listed property or a heritage home, as these are categorised based on their cultural and architectural significance and protected accordingly.

Period home properties are unique and steeped in history, making them a popular choice for buyers looking for unique and stunning properties. Extending, refurbishing, or renovating these properties can be tricky, so consulting and working with skilled professionals is always the best option. 

Why You Should Restore Your Period Home

While period homes are beautiful, they may lack the modern features you need. Here is why you should consider restoring your period home:

  • Improve comfort: Restoring your period home can enhance your comfort and allow you to enjoy the house to its full potential. For instance, you can create more space for your furniture and appliances and allow more natural light into your home.
  • Improve functionality: restoring your period home can help you enhance its functionality. You could change the floor plan, install new light fixtures, and rearrange the layout to create more room and light.
  • Improve your home’s aesthetics: You can retain the unique original design of your period home but improve the style and functionality of the home. An experienced design and build company will make the old and new features work together. 
  • Increase your home’s value: You can increase your home’s value when you restore your period home, as well as change your home’s overall look and feel.

Whether you own an Edwardian home with original features such as a tiled fireplace or a Victorian home with complex ceiling roses, chances are architectural interests and the value of your property is tied to the character of their period features.

If you are planning a renovation project, it would be best to consult with an expert to get professional advice and ensure any restoration is done carefully to avoid causing damage to the original designs.  Most heritage homes have the most beautiful period features waiting to be restored. You must be careful to avoid ruining the antique features.

Restoring A Period Home

Choosing The Right Home Builder

Working with a professional and experienced home builder to get high-quality results is absolutely essential. Here are tips on choosing the right home builder:

  • Look for a home builder with numerous years of experience in the industry
  • Choose experts who specialise in designing and building period homes
  • Look them up online and read their customer reviews
  • Ensure they have excellent customer service
  • Ensure they communicate effectively and are reliable

Is Restoring A Period Home Worth It?

When done right, restoring a period home is a worthwhile endeavour. It makes your home more comfortable and allows you to live in a house with modern features. Owning a period home does not mean you need to stay in an old and outdated house. Make restorations that will add comfort and allow you to enjoy your home.

Hire Period Home Renovation And Extension Experts!

At Period Extensions & Designs, we have more than three decades of experience and are experts at what we do. We are an award-winning builder who works closely with you to help you achieve your home restoration goals. When you work with us, you get high-quality results. Are you planning to restore your period home but do not know how to do it? 

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