Category: Period Home Renovation

If you’re ready to renovate a property in a period style, you should read the informative guides published here. This section plays host to posts which will help you achieve certain looks and styles. We will consider general rules, budget planning, tools, materials and more. Check in regularly to learn how to bring your home into a whole new period.

man measuring floor tiles

Period Home Renovation: 5 Golden Rules to Follow

Starting your period home renovations? Don’t do anything until you read these five golden rules to follow so that your

old dining area with modern design

A Quick Guide to Extending a Period Home

Renovating period home architecture is one thing.  What about extending a period property?  Period home renovations cover the entirety of

living room with natural light

Essential Design Tips for Your Period Home

Period home style will, naturally, differ from property to property.  However, there are some great ways you can retain the


The Secrets of Renovating a Period Home

Period home renovation isn’t something that can be easily defined.  Each project is going to be slightly different, and that’s


Improving your Period Home with an Extension

Everyone wants to know their inner calling, and that includes me. We know that if we only know …